Simplify HR processes and remove paper. Store all employee information within a single database to remove multiple system management.


99% Error free payroll results and superior reporting. You don’t need to use separate self-service, award interpretation or payroll systems to efficiently and accurately pay people.


Stop looking for critical events and let the system inform the right person when a event that may cause injury, risk or financial loss is about to occur. Configuration rules enable the system to notify the appropriate person of the event before it occurs so they may take action to evert loss.

Examples of events:
Injury has occurred
Certification about to expire
Insufficient skilled resource assigned to production
Labour costs about to exceed budgeted cost<
Allowable hours exceeded

Cost Management

From a single devise, assignment of employee’s hours are assigned to jobs/projects and cost centres to provide detailed cost by employee, including on-costs, state tax and leave loading to provide managers with streaming actual labour cost comparisons to financial budgets as the employee works on a project.


The system automates payment rules of employee/contractor worked hours to assure correct payment of hours.

Inherent workflow and standard automated HR processes reduce manual entry and manipulation of information.

Competency Management

Visibility to employees with appropriate skills or gaps enables scheduling of appropriate resources to meet production schedules.

Human Capital Management

Streamline and simplify your core HR administration. Create major efficiencies with our fully-integrated suite of HR software. Reduce administration with our one-time master data entry. Produce comprehensive reports quickly and easily