October – November 2018

Hide Employee Tax Numbers in Employee Masterfiles


Affinity > Administrator > Security Setup


Make employee ATO or IRD numbers invisible to certain Affinity users who have permission to view employee masterfiles.

How to do it

Edit the relevant user group, untick the Can view sensitive details box then save the change.

Affinity users with this restriction will see a series of asterisks (*********) instead of the employee’s tax number.

Filter Pay Adjustments


Affinity > Payroll > Timesheets > Pay Adjustments


Shorten long lists of pay adjustments to find the ones you want.

How to do it

There are two filters available. Filter Codes lets you:

  • Show all transactions.
  • Show all transactions that contain informational codes.
  • Show all transactions that don’t contain informational codes.

Filter Status lets you:

  • Show all transactions.
  • Show only unprocessed (unpaid) transactions.
  • Show only processed (paid) transactions.

You can also set default filters for codes and status.

Manage Bank Account Details in the Dashboard


Affinity Dashboard > Bank Accounts


Dashboard users can add, update, deactivate or remove their bank accounts and change where funds are deposited.

How to do it

Add a new bank account, complete the details (bank accounts will be checked by the system to ensure they’re in the right format), then save.

Update any bank account then save the changes.

Deactivate and remove accounts as circumstances change.

About the 723 Leave Liability Report


Affinity > Reports > Standard Reports


This report is for Australian employers who use the General Ledger. It reconciles leave liability back to the general ledger for the period end. Data in this report is also written to the GL. It’s essential when reconciling leave liability back to the GL for accounting purposes.

Pay Element of the Month: NOSUP

Add NOSUP to a timesheet to suppress standard superannuation codes like SGC contributions that are recorded in employee masterfiles.


How to add a STC (Special Tax Code) to an employee in Affinity:

  • In the employee’s masterfile, select STC from the Tax Code lookup then save the masterfile.
  • Go back into the employee masterfile.
  • Add the TAX deduction code to the Allowances/Deductions tab and set the appropriate rate (e.g. 21% is entered as 21 and 10.75% is entered as 10.75).
  • Select 3 from the Status lookup then save the employee masterfile.