Winter 2020

myPA: A Powerful Way to Share Your Data

What myPA Does

myPA extracts data from Affinity and sends it to people or secure network folders. The point of myPA is to make it easy to share data direct from your Affinity system by creating ‘events’.

How Data Gets Shared

When you create a myPA event, you are instructing myPA to extract data and email it to specific people or move it to folders when certain conditions are met. For example, a diary task falls due, an employee’s service anniversary is almost due, a qualification is about to expire. You can also send regular reports and data extracts on a fixed schedule. For example, salaries by department, upcoming terminations and leave balances. This data is already in your system. myPA simply provides a way to share it with those who need it the most.

You can also share data from existing queries created in Query Manager. This gives you the flexibility to drill deeper into your data (and even use complex SQL if you have that skill) to mine data that will warn, inform and trigger action.

Affinity Data Used by myPA

myPA draws data from a wide range of sources.

  • Diary tasks. If you haven’t used the Diary (Tools > Diary) before, now is the time. Create tasks and reminders in the Diary and have myPA inform the appropriate people when tasks fall due. Excellent for staying on top of compliance matters.
  • Why not get more mileage out of your existing queries by sending all of that awesome data out to an audience who appreciates it? Think Accountants, HR, Finance.
  • Employee data. You have to capture this information anyway, so make it work harder for you! Information like service start dates, dates of birth and… well, anything, can be turned into a meaningful data extract that makes someone’s life a whole lot easier. myPA provides some basic templates, but for serious data mining, take some time to learn how to use Query Manager.

Security and myPA

You Choose Who Sees It

Our normal practice is to deploy new Affinity features visible in the menus, with every user having full access until your system admin applies restrictions. myPA ships under a cloak of invisibility — until you choose to make it visible. This is a two-step process. First, enable access in individual Affinity user profiles (Administrator > Security Setup) then make myPA visible to users in the Reporting menu.

Your Data Is Safe

myPA’s primary role in life is to query Affinity data and share it. This may include sensitive employee information. You can password-encrypt data files before they are emailed to recipients, and you can also send data files direct to a secure network folder.

Need More Help?

Affinity comes with full and comprehensive online help. Just press F1 to open it. Here’s a list of useful help topics that relate to myPA.

  • myPA
  • System Security > Control User Access (Restrictions) > Give Affinity Users Access to myPA
  • Diary Tasks and Workflow
  • Query Manager > Extract Data for Analysis