December – January 2019

Store Additional Employee Information


Affinity > Human Resources > Personnel Data > Miscellaneous Details
Affinity > Human Resources > Personnel Data > EEO Details


A place to store additional and non-essential information about employees, away from employee masterfiles.

Where to store information

The Miscellaneous Details screen lets you store information about an employee’s qualifications, any equipment they’ve been issued and bond details.

You can use the EEO Details screen to store ethnicity, residency and language information.

Create Shortcuts to Your Favourite Affinity Menus


Affinity Toolbar

How to do it

Select from the Affinity toolbar, then drag and drop your favourite menus and functions into the Favourites window.

Report on Unapproved and Missing Timesheets


Affinity Clever Timesheets > Timesheets Statistics


For a specified time period, and for each team member, this report will give managers:

  • A daily total of the timesheets that direct reports submitted for approval.
  • A daily total of timesheets that they submitted to their manager for approval.
  • The ability to see which timesheets haven’t been approved yet.
  • The ability to check for missing timesheets.
How to do it

Run the Summary Export Report from Clever Timesheets.

Make Attachments to Sick Leave Applications Mandatory


Affinity Self Service Leave Admin


Meet policy and legislative requirements and ensure that the correct documentation is attached to sick leave applications.

How to do it

Open the Self Service Leave Admin module and select Sick.

Select Mandatory as the attachment requirement. Optionally, in Attachment Limit, enter the number of hours an employee can take as sick leave before they must attach a document (e.g. 24 hours).

When employees apply for leave, they will know that documentation must be attached because *required will show on the screen.

About the 645 Superannuation Report


Affinity > Reports > Standard Reports


This report summarises employer and employee KiwiSaver contributions as well as contributions to private superannuation schemes. Information is grouped by scheme, then sorted by employee surname. This report is important because it summarises all KiwiSaver-compliant and non-KiwiSaver superannuation contributions for the current period, month-to-date and year-to-date.

Pay Element of the Month: NOPTAX

This Australia-only informational code fully suppresses the payroll tax calculation for selected employees. To use it, first select NONE from the Scheme 2 lookup in the employee masterfile Allowances/Deductions tab. If NONE does not appear in the lookup, add it to the Scheme 2 table in Dictionaries. Next, add the NOPTAX code with a status of 0 to the employee masterfile (also in the Allowances/Deductions tab). From the next pay run, no payroll tax will be calculated for the employee. To restart the payroll tax calculation, in the employee masterfile change the NOPTAX code status to 1 and select a state (e.g. NSW) from the Scheme 2 lookup.


You can view an employee’s position profile direct from their employee masterfile by clicking .