April – May 2018

Browse and Search Affinity Records


Browse screens let you sort and organise records like employee masterfiles and positions. Affinity also has search options that make it easy to find records.

How to browse records

Click a column header (like Surname) to sort the column in ascending or descending order.

Try typing a search word or partial search word. This example shows a partial search on surnames beginning with ‘ha’. If you switch partial search off, surnames containing ‘ha’ will also appear.

How to find records without browsing

Selecting from the toolbar in an open record lets you search for other records of the same type.

Estimate Your Future Annual Leave Balance


Self Service Leave


You can view your future annual leave entitlement minus any approved leave up to any future date.

How to do it

Select next to your annual leave balance.

Check your annual entitlement, then select a projection date to show your projected entitlement.

Select and adjust the projected months to see even further into the future.

Make Copies of Clever Forms Templates


Clever Forms > Forms Designer


Instead of creating a new form template from scratch, you can duplicate a similar one and tweak it.

How to do it

Select next to the form you want to duplicate, then update the duplicate form to suit your needs.

Make Quick Changes to Lookups


You can quickly add, edit or delete lookup (pick list) values in Affinity.

How to do it

Put the record into edit mode then double-click the lookup.

Make the changes then save.

About the 428 Leave Summary Report


Reports > Standard Reports


This report is for New Zealand employers. Much of the information in this report is recorded in the leave history masterfile. This report shows how each employee’s leave is calculated, subject to average earnings and ordinary calculations. It’s especially useful when paying out leave to terminated employees.

Pay Code of the Month: NETPAY

Used only in Affinity General Ledger, not pay processing. This code records the net amount paid to each employee. Enter this code into the credit side of the GL account and Affinity will update the net-paid amount.


If your month-to-date figures don’t balance, check first for employees who moved to a different pay point.