Clearing up cloudy business

Concerns about moving to Cloud

Cloud Forecasts

The cloud is growing.

A 2015 study forecasts the total market value for public cloud infrastructure services will reach $775 million by 2019, up from $366 million in 2015.

Who is trusting the cloud?

Top 5

1. Information media & telecommunications
2. Financial & Insurance
3. Professional, Scientific & Technical Service
4. Arts & Recreation Services
5. Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services

How are they using the cloud?

Cloud Benefits


Simplicity of deployment of cloudbased solutions


Increase in productivity


Reduction in it costs


Flexibility to either up-scale or down-scale services

Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics: Paid Cloud Computing in Australian Businesses.
The Telsyte Australian Infrastructure & Cloud Computing Market Study 2015

Concerned about
moving to the cloud?